PeteRock Foundation

Peterock Foundations and Rock Missions is a missionary outreach ministry responsible for helping and blessing the lives of those in need, being the helping hand of Jesus Christ to those that really need His physical touch, providing general necessities like food, clothing, shelter, medicals and welfare so they can have a peaceable life.


  1. Outreach Meetings: This ministry extends the love of God to those living in unreachable areas of villages within states to preach the Gospel of Jesus and blessing the men, women and children with beds, foot wears, clothes, books, medicines for the sick, food stuff and even toys. Its current focus is Niger state and its environs.

  2. Touching the Widows: This Ministry provides welfare of food items, monies and clothing for widows indeed; especially during festive seasons or special holidays.

  3. Father to the Fatherless: This ministry reaches out to young children who have no one to take care of them especial those who have lost their fathers and their mothers. We sometimes pay their School fees and everything they’d require for success in their education.